Portable and Stationary Fume Extraction Equipment


Sentry Air Systems are the ideal choice for Soldering, powder filling, welding, chemical fumes

Portable fume extractor with HEPA filter & activated carbon. Self supporting flex arm, adjustable fan speed, up to 350 cfm.

Portable high flow fume extractor with HEPA filter & activated carbon.

6″ self supporting arm, adjustable fan speed up to 950 cfm.

Table top hinged wing sentry. HEPA filter and activated charcoal available. Adjustable hinged sides and plexiglass top available. Up to 80 cfm.

18″ to 30″ wide lab hood. Pre-filter, HEPA filter, activated carbon filter available.  Hinged plexiglass front lid.

40″ to 70″ lab hood.  Pre-filter, HEPA filter, carbon filter available. Hinged plexiglass front lid, heavy duty plexiglass top, industrial light pack. Several fans and filter sizes available.