Central Vacuum Cleaning Systems

American Vacuum offers a complete line of central vacuum cleaning systems. These systems range from Single operator use to entire multi-operator entire plant clean-up. All systems are custom designed to meet your specific needs. American Vacuum will help you select, design and install the proper system.


  • Replace your “throw-away” Shop-Vac’s once and for all.
  • Quite operation in the workplace means no more worries about meeting OSHA DBA Requirements.
  • Centrally collect all your waste and have automatic discharge into your own waste container
  • Create a Safer, Cleaner work environment
  • Vacuums can be located outside of a clean room or away from a hazardous location.
  • Reduce energy & labor costs. Guess how much time and energy you spend operating and emptying portable units!
  • Remember cutting maintenance time means less production downtime
  • All units are designed to run 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.

Regenerative Vacuum Producers (1.5 TO 30 H.P)

PD Vacuum Producers (3 TO 50 H.P)

Multi-Stage Vacuum Producers (10 To 250 H.P.)

Separators (4 Gallon to 40 Cubic Feet)